An installation tied to a tree, left to be eaten by ants (as well as by birds and squirrels). Experiment. Duration: 1 month

Materials: Sugar, eggs, honey, water, cereals, nuts, earth, seeds of field herbs, tree stump, botanical garden.

“I suggest you should read “One Hundred Years of Solitude” by Gabriel Márquez. This one is my favourite.” Arystanbek Mukhamediuly, Minister of Culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, telling about a reason to spend $250millions of taxes for building a «Panteon» for some people from the past.

“The first of the line is tied to a tree and the last is being eaten by the ants.” Gabriel García Márquez, “One Hundred Years of Solitude”

Ad hoc instincts never fail high-ranking officials: we have not only read about Macondo, we seem to be living in it. The one described with utter precision. How could Márquez have known? But he did, and, as a sign of gratitude, we’ll bring him to our soil, and we will give him to it. Let our Macondo unite with his Macondo in the insect digestive ecstasy. Marquez belongs to us.

day 1 – day 10

“Symbiosis” exhibition, botanic garden, ARTBATFEST2016, Almaty, Kazakhstan
curator – Yana Malinovskaya

Special thanks to Anton Platonov and Anatoly Chernoussov for their help and support on the project.