“been colinizing on and on, but have never colonized trough” (based on a russian tongue twister )
“am I a trembling colonizer, or have I the right?”

print on fabric, 0,5х5 m, photo

Sooner or later, when apple gardens on Mars will have shed their blossoms and been cut out, the posterity of Curiosity will face their identity crisis: who am I here, on this planet? why? what for? A slogan – the language of the political statement – in the context of vacuum and excess of letters is telling a story of the radiant future, becomes an instrument of identification and self-irony, which obliterates the imperialistic pathos that stems from this type of language and is hardwired in the brain. Intense rejection of the past does not make one free of the past. Separation does not create peace. Laughter will save us all.




2017 – Limited liability pavilion 3.0 , Venice, Italy
curators – Vladislav Sludsky(NY) and Olga Vesselova(Almaty)

2016-2017Pavilion of limited liability, Kiev. Curators — Nikita Kadan and Vladislav Sludskiy.

2016Post/Beginning, Almaty. Curator — Aleksandra Tsai